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  2. whats on ur mind chief

    1. harsh9


      • a lot things i wanting to get into a web site i have found the sql but i am not able to do anything 
    2. secretsquirell


      well lets take a look, could be crf protected

      pm me the base url ill have a look if you want me to

  3. hi i need help regarding sql injetion can anyone help please

    1. secretsquirell


      absolutley, what did you need exactly

  4. Yesterday
  5. Last week
  6. Hi all , would like to ask regarding android hacking. I have a lenovo k80m which is not rooted. I have access to the phone. I would like to hack it, listenng to surrounding, read whatsapp, pictures and video and such. I bought thetruthspy, but tilk now it doesnt capturre the whatsapp like it mentiined, and other things. Guess it only works in rooted phone. For an in rooted phone. Which woukd b the best , and would be stable for long term hacking.?

  7. Any new FUD for Njrat master?

    1. korssanDZ


      Still waiting a new laptop....the first thing to do is a fuding topic. Be patient bro.

    2. baltman61


      we are waiting bro..

    3. xMutexX


      yes bro em waiting patiently. really missed your fud uploads. more power! :)

  8. Please check your message bro

    1. korssanDZ



  9. Earlier
  10. Seems like nodistribute.com truly isn't distributing any samples like before to Nod32... I've scanned my recent refuded server and it still FUD for 5 days... Before the refud it was detected by one Av (not Nod32) and still detected only by this Av...

    (Check history)
    Before refud: http://nodistribute.com/result/k2RJSC0BHzOdawZvQgMGoFp

    After refud: http://nodistribute.com/result/TBMIwFv0gO79ZbN2uoEdn6lezR


    Maybe because I've used my private crypting method with includes a legal digital signature?

  11. Bro Pm me i need helps

    1. sameed


      skype me : sameedasif1

    2. arvind


      ya already we are on skype

  12. Currently i am in hospital, ill answer all your questions in PM soon

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    2. Noyes


      Hope everythings going well

    3. Vroya


      Get well soon bro...

    4. sameed


      What happened bro get well soon

  13. I saw you are in the RCE team and I was wondering if you could help me with something?

  14. just wondering , thetruthspy or spynote 4 ? which is better? free vs paid . anyone using thetruthspy?

  15. hey..please need php mailer script...with html

  16. Pls Admin Allow Perfect Money and Bitcoin to be on Donation option.Thanks

    1. Noyes



    2. root


      we already have this option for donation by perfectmoney or bitcoin

  17. Whats is the password of your Malware VM bro?

    1. DustinLehack
    2. Wagen


      file corrupted or password incorrect ^^

  18. Removed your warning log - no restriction should be in put

  19. Thanks

    1. alinaansari


      No Problem brother :)

  20. Sir , I have make deposit of $15 to your bitcoin . I will be waiting for the status upgrade sir

    1. nurain2060


      The deposit was made yesterday sir, pls check your mail for more info sir.

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    1. jmethel


      bro thanks for the share but non is loging help me wit some working one

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    2. devilsystem


      probably public ones , probably all dead and strictly prohibited on the forum for sure

    3. Manofavour


      get new topic bru am not a kid,get better things on forum let forum progress not always look for ban ban ban ............focus

    4. zetaboy


      bro you got this from shopsadmin or where kindly private me so that we can talk more better

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  24. Hello everyone, 

    I want to start new project, for more information check this post 


  25. Forum rules are supposed to be followed.Next time be very careful following rules of JG.

  26. hello bro 

    i want to know if the  The Old Phantom  crypter is out and how to get it



  27. hello bro is the  The Old Phantom  crypter out i do really need it.



    1. DELIJA


      Yes bro we're still running. :)

      send me a PM.

    2. zetaboy


      how to get it?

  28. i need to make donation via pm or btc

    1. Noyes


      you can see donation thread in announcement section.

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