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  1. Last week
  2. Forum rules are supposed to be followed.Next time be very careful following rules of JG.

  3. hello bro 

    i want to know if the  The Old Phantom  crypter is out and how to get it



  4. hello bro is the  The Old Phantom  crypter out i do really need it.



    1. DELIJA


      Yes bro we're still running. :)

      send me a PM.

    2. zetaboy


      how to get it?

  5. i need to make donation via pm or btc

    1. Noyes


      you can see donation thread in announcement section.

  6. dear can u help me to fud njrat

    1. devilsystem


      i can help you if still needed as korssandz is quite busy , you can contact me over jabber : [email protected]


    2. korssanDZ


      @devilsystem yeah iam not totally available.... Thanks bro

    3. devilsystem


      no problem i will think to open a thread about it

  7. Earlier
  8. Hello Anyone have a Java keylogger msg me back 

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    2. devilsystem


      there is nothing better than jabber , security and anonymity

    3. devilsystem


      add my skype : devilsystem666

    4. zetaboy


      ok added

  9. @korssanDZ  please can you give me invitation key for a friend whom want to join us

    1. korssanDZ


      Sorry bro seems can't send you invitation through android version can't find invitation button....must Wait, BTW hope your friend a trusted person be sure.

  10. Happy to see JG alive. Planning on getting back into the computer world. I've forgotten most of what I used to know. Excited to refresh my brain's memory muscles. I have some other computer security tutorials I'll be releasing within this week.

  11. yaar main na donation  ki mojya vip ni mali

  12. Unbelievable,this forum still exist..im try to re-open my old bookmark..

  13. You are not allowed to view this section. Permision only for Gold Member

    1. Vroya


      perhaps only for gold member? i see that you are bronze member?

    2. juttbmw


      i was did donation

  14. where is sameed?! :D

  15. Any body good on XSS should prv me thanks

  16. pls who can teach me how to get specific emails of a city user? like people in Texas i want there email address. Pls help me with your knowledge. Thanks


  17. Any Budy have Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Keys ??

  18. jimmie.leanna2 this is my skype

    1. Manofavour


      got you bro.

  19. I need a spammer ,plz if you are sure of your spamming do PM me asap.Thanks

  20. any one here who help me ??

    1. devilsystem


      yes if i can , with pleasure

  21. any budy have fake yahoo or hotmail accounts 100 500 1000 2000 or more ???

    1. devilsystem


      i have hacked/stolen/grabbed accounts if this is what you are looking for

    2. Exploitinc


      no brother i need fake emails accounts, not hacked 

  22. Anybudy have auto yahoo hotmail outlook account creator ??

  23. I need someone that can crypt my Njrat server with Good adobe icon PM me i will be nice.Thanks


    1. devilsystem


      i can help you if still needed

    2. Manofavour


      okay Bros i just added u on skype. Bruceson

    3. Manofavour



      My Basic Server :https://www.sendspace.com/file/zq3m1v
      My Friend Server :https://www.sendspace.com/file/hlbvcp

      Please Boss make it FUD with Good Tricky icon and Bind.Send me your Pm Account .

  24. if someone can crypt imminent server runtime pm me please.. thanks ! :)

    1. devilsystem


      i can help you if you still need  , let me know

      (as i use crypters , i can not guarantee full fud as a manual crypt but this is better than nothing)

  25. hi, please i need the crack key to email extractor pro

  26. bro i need to PM you. but is not going through, Please can you PM me?

  27. I need someone to help me Crypt my Lumiosity Server !! i will pay him or her. 

    1. devilsystem


      yes i can

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