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  2. any instagram bot latest update?

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  4. Last week
  5. Hey broda ..lets eat

    1. emlinkzzz


      i dont understand my love......clear me more brother

  6. Earlier
  7. Hello all, awards still in progress.. i need some free time to re-award yours. TQ

  8. the link to kazy crypter full source is dead .i would really appreciate it if you can update it

  9. Happy to see jg family active again!

  10. Back :) Happy to see JG Live

    1. DELIJA


      Welcome back sameed :haveaniceday:

    2. archy1


      Welcome back..happy to see you !!

    3. Vroya


      welcome back :D, btw may you pc me your skype id?

  11. Hello bro,

    My other bro Delija ... i dont know if he must have told you about me . please rite me in private. i tried writing but it doesnt deliver

    Happy new year bro

    1. DELIJA


      Hi buddy, Happy New Year to you also and all the best in 2018! :)

      pls check your inbox again, destroyer has already sent you a message..

  12. Hey bro...you on any messenger etc?

  13. Why was jomgegar down?

    1. Noyes


      haha it was a long story brother. We need to have a jug of coffee to tells..

    2. Cyber Warrior

      Cyber Warrior

      Well, I don't want to bother you then, I'm just happy we are back online again. :)

  14. Nice to see it back.

  15. I Think Status Is Working

  16. I think the jomgegar was offline too long, it will take a lot of time to recover...

  17. Please anyone update your status. Need to see ist working?

  18. JomGegar will come soon

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