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  1. hello bro 

    i want to know if the  The Old Phantom  crypter is out and how to get it



  2. bro how do i get password of this

    one love


    1. D357r0y3r


      Why u do not ask first member who made that thread. I don't know which site right now has that encryption but serach on google for it, and ask White for key, his binder is not even FUD, there is nothing special to hide. :)  Really ghastly is when someone protect app which is public or even not fud. 

    2. panta


      ok thanks

  3. still waiting for you bro... i want to spam those page

  4. Bros you said i should contact you for fud webmail auto page....


    thanks man



    1. D357r0y3r


      Wow, very nice my brother! Thank you for this signature, i will use it now :D 

  6. hi @D357r0y3r how are you. I have an idea, believe that you can do it :) send me Skype bro 

  7. Boss i need your assistance and i will appreciate if you can do it for me.

    1. D357r0y3r


      About what?


    2. Manofavour


      Boss i have some emails i want to hack them but they won't download and most of them are using gmail i cannot send exe or zip file to them,if u can help me to hack those guys and u can transfer the slaves to my Njrat pls or help me with good method to infect those mails.pls i really need there PC

    3. D357r0y3r


      There is simple no way for that. U can only use Macro or silent .doc / pdf exploit to infect them.

  8. Why so many hates from new members here on Jomgegar? O.O

    1. DustinLehack


      Because most of them come from Hackforums, or are here to spread malware and get banned. That's my opinion. 

    2. crazy owns

      crazy owns

      Other reason could be that some Jomgegar members actually realize when something is copy-pasted, and thefore they can't spam for post count to unlock some kind of content, like vip section.

  9. HI 

    Can you help to decrypt this password, i know just crypo site but i don't find those cryp names. 

    thanks in advance Friend

    1. D357r0y3r


      Search for Encrypt/Decrypt Tools Pack here. There is a lot that has this encryption. 


  10. please how can i encrypted phising page

    1. D357r0y3r


      Using Base64 method or JavaScript unescape. :)

    2. Diego Hendo

      Diego Hendo

      thanks men