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  1. Omo Mummy..... Ki lon shele come give me work na

    1. Shegs2sex


      Omo Iya ...........Add me up na .............shegs2sex

    2. Sarah


      i don add u up since


    3. Shegs2sex


      wetin be ur handle 


  2. Hello friend. Long time.  Do you have skype? 

    1. alinaansari


      yes, Skype: [email protected]

  3. Hello Noyes, Why was @Lollipop banned?

    1. DustinLehack


      He had said that everyone was idiots for donating to JomGegar and had basically turned into a flaming idiot. 

  4. Hello Arvind 200 victims :) can you coach me on spreading

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Sarah


      HAve no idea what you just said bro

    3. arvind


      u dnt know hindi ? brooo 

    4. Sarah


      at all :)

  5. Hello Money, Can you share netwire cracked or your own rat?

    1. Money


      Sorry for being inactive on the forum, I have been super busy and I feel like the forum topics right now is usually about rats, crypters and similar stuff, which I'm not really into anymore. And my response to your request is: I don't feel like sharing my own tools or tools I crack, I know there are still a few good members but the majority are leechers/skids :(

    2. lordpro


      @Money True story, i trust some members, but not all of them... i have so many HQ sources of many latest crypters, rats and botnets, but i am afraid to share, cause it will get leaked to everywhere....

    3. Sarah


      Am not a leecher just a private user. I have paid for several rats but Netwire is just sick thats why i want it but cant afford to pay for it. Thank you all for your sincerity.

  6. Need someone to teach me how to crack cpanels and rdp

  7. Hello JG, need someone to put me through on how to crack cpanels :)