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  1. You are not allowed to view this section. Permision only for Gold Member

    1. Vroya


      perhaps only for gold member? i see that you are bronze member?

    2. juttbmw


      i was did donation

  2. New award has been added

    1. korssanDZ


      you realy rock....always jomgegar make me happy thanks boss.

      as a back gift i'll make somthing rock about that....:)

    2. Noyes



    3. devilsystem


      good news :)

  3. bro can i have the jomgegar bronze ungrade 
    for paypal email or so send me pm tnx 

  4. Hello Noyes, Why was @Lollipop banned?

    1. DustinLehack


      He had said that everyone was idiots for donating to JomGegar and had basically turned into a flaming idiot. 

  5. Happy birthday @theproxy

  6. New contest coming soon...

    1. kingsbig2001


      Malware analyst or RCE either am ready

    2. korssanDZ


      Good luck boss...thanks for your tired efforts …...as always. God bless our great forum.

  7. love you back here 

  8. thank you very much 

  9. thank you 

    1. Noyes


      wc. Please new member folloe the rules.

  10. GFX Leader

  11. hey dude i had so many rep. and i was a honor gold why am i downgraded ?

    1. Noyes


      i will check it

    2. HatBLACK


      Thanks Noyes !! Can i Also Get My rep+ that i have  lost !!  
      i will be thank full of you !!

      Thank you 
       Have a Nice Day !!


  12. New member please make introduce post, read the rules. 

  13. New RCE member coming soon

    1. crazy owns

      crazy owns

      That's awesome, im excited to see who will it be. :D

    2. nillyhan


      lol noyes. top10 

  14. I know many members will question where is KorssanDZ, he is offline due to PC/HDD crash. All his tools has lost. He need time to buy a new PC/HDD. For member who are waiting for him, you can support him. Some donation would be appreciate. 

    1. korssanDZ


      Thanks for all members for the jomgegar friendship...seems no one care about that. you done enough @NOYES . at least a small reply can mean much......but weird i'm still receiving crypting request in PM!!!!

    2. Noyes


      If anyone has intention to supprt KorssanDZ (JG FUD MACHINE) , please PM him for paypal email or others transcation method.. 

  15. I am very sure that tool/software will be obsolete/outdated, but if you develop your own skill,i am sure you will have an extravaganza tool/software soon.