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  1. @korssanDZ  please can you give me invitation key for a friend whom want to join us

    1. korssanDZ


      Sorry bro seems can't send you invitation through android version can't find invitation button....must Wait, BTW hope your friend a trusted person be sure.

  2. Omo Iya, Please lets relate on skype: shegs2sex

  3. still waiting for you bro... i want to spam those page

  4. Bros you said i should contact you for fud webmail auto page....


    thanks man

  5. Please tell me an email adress where i can contact you.

    1. emlinkzzz


      write me here bro


      [email protected]

  6. hi bro Do you have Smtp server 


  7. bro can u plz give me a good webmail for spamming really need on i did try your smtp list and webmail but they are all going into spam folder 

  8. did u got Crypter???

  9. send me pm bro

  10. hey bro thanks for the smtp. please can i have some fresh smtp? thanks

  11. Now news from you bro...

    1. benlepa


      Anyone here? :D

    2. emlinkzzz


      I was trying to talk with you ICQ.....Merry christmas bro

  12. Hello bro...

    how are you today?



    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. emlinkzzz


      doing fine..... Money high in my country

    3. outrapz


      smiles...what country are you from and what kind of work do you do - i can show you some new ways bro - Do you know the CFO and CEO work?

      add me up

      [email protected]


    4. emlinkzzz


      I just added you bro... hope to meet you on yahoo