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  1. teach me how to decrypt it plz 

    Base64 <-> Base64(Zipped) <-> Rv <-> XSalsa20/JG



    teach me sir 

  2. Hi Bro

    Have You Stealer Bitcoin Or Can Make?

    I download so Tools But All Is Trojan :(

    Please Pm Me

    1. lordpro


      none of my tools are backdoored, use sandbox if u dont trust, but fisrt of all, learn some stuff before you start posting thanks :)

    2. Bimokh


      no bro i dont tell your  tools are backdoored

      i say have good stealer for bitcoin ?

      For example, if the target’s address is like this:
      Yours will be like this:


      And mistake sent to my wallet

      thank you

    3. lordpro


      aaw, i miss understood, nope i am not using any wallet stealers, and 90% of public "stealers" are backdoored

  3. Hello bro


    Add me up


    [email protected]

    1. Bimokh


      Hi Bro



  4. Hello My Brother <3

    How Are You ?


    Pleaze Laerning Decrypt Password


  5. Your inbox is full. You must delete some messages before you can send any more.


    Pleaze empty Inbox You <3


  6. Hello My Brother

    How are You ?

    Thanks For sharing Crypt and ...


    Pleaze Laerning Decrypte Password Tapic all