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  1. hello bro 

    i want to know if the  The Old Phantom  crypter is out and how to get it



  2. hello bro is the  The Old Phantom  crypter out i do really need it.



    1. DELIJA


      Yes bro we're still running. :)

      send me a PM.

    2. zetaboy


      how to get it?

  3. Hello Anyone have a Java keylogger msg me back 

    1. Show previous comments  17 more
    2. devilsystem


      there is nothing better than jabber , security and anonymity

    3. devilsystem


      add my skype : devilsystem666

    4. zetaboy


      ok added

  4. Any body good on XSS should prv me thanks

  5. hello bro

    do you have facebook srapper mail


    1. billyseeker


      how do you mean?

  6. Disconnect / 52210  EOFException: null 3:44:21 AM


    Connect / 52210    3:44:21 AM


    bro after victim clicking on the server, trying to connect back to me it was showing this error on log i dont know if there are some files missing put me through on this.

  7. Hello bro, pls can you crypt my server with Doc exploit.



  8. Need a doc exploit or if any one can FUD my Server msg me

    1. DustinLehack


      Try contributing to JomGegar before making requests.