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  1. pls who can teach me how to get specific emails of a city user? like people in Texas i want there email address. Pls help me with your knowledge. Thanks


  2. jimmie.leanna2 this is my skype

    1. Manofavour


      got you bro.

  3. I need a spammer ,plz if you are sure of your spamming do PM me asap.Thanks

  4. I need someone that can crypt my Njrat server with Good adobe icon PM me i will be nice.Thanks


    1. devilsystem


      i can help you if still needed

    2. Manofavour


      okay Bros i just added u on skype. Bruceson

    3. Manofavour



      My Basic Server :https://www.sendspace.com/file/zq3m1v
      My Friend Server :https://www.sendspace.com/file/hlbvcp

      Please Boss make it FUD with Good Tricky icon and Bind.Send me your Pm Account .

  5. Boss pls help me to crypt my server : startup and copy registry added already, https://www.sendspace.com/file/ir10nq .Thanks Boss 

  6. Boss please i need Omnirat Cracked pls help me

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    2. alinaansari


      Even then you need it just tell me , I will post the link.

    3. alinaansari


      Give me your skype let me talk to you there.

    4. Manofavour


      okay boss ,Skype : bruceson .thanks

  7. Boss pls can u crpt my Nj rat server fud for me?

  8. Boss please i really need your help .i want you to crypt my Njrat server for me,i beg you in the name of God please PM me when you read my message.Thanks i wait

    1. lordpro


      add me on skype g.steam - i can do one crypt for u :)

    2. Manofavour


      i just added you boss,bruceson on skype. Thanks so much boss

  9. Bros can you help me to crypt my server ?please i really need your help.

  10. Please help me to FUD my Njrat server boss please help me https://www.sendspace.com/file/84q64q

    1. Manofavour


      Boss help me to make my server FUD i have been begging you since Months now.

  11. Boss i need your help,i want you to crypt my server for me,its imminent and njrat server they are two,please i need your help on this,i know you can do this for me i even have some friend that willing to pay for your service,i try to crypt but nothing like the one you always do.Please boss

    1. korssanDZ


      Right now iam not able sorry bro...be patient i'll ping you.

    2. Manofavour


      Okay Boss i will be looking forward and God bless you.

  12. Bros i couldn't crypt my imminent server ,i try its fud but not working on sandiboxie and didn't hack either.Please enlighten me more.

  13. Boss i need your assistance and i will appreciate if you can do it for me.

    1. D357r0y3r


      About what?


    2. Manofavour


      Boss i have some emails i want to hack them but they won't download and most of them are using gmail i cannot send exe or zip file to them,if u can help me to hack those guys and u can transfer the slaves to my Njrat pls or help me with good method to infect those mails.pls i really need there PC

    3. D357r0y3r


      There is simple no way for that. U can only use Macro or silent .doc / pdf exploit to infect them.

  14. Bros have you fix your laptop yet ?

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    2. Noyes


      Maybe people who are loyal with JG and loyal with JG Fud machine can help you with a bit donation. Just a suggestion

    3. korssanDZ


      Thxx boss love you...it's not only about money, i have some projects to do may be for one month ....jomgegar is my home i'll never leave it i'll just take a rest







    4. Manofavour


      Nice bros,i just miss you and i hope if there is any way i can help please don't hesitate to mention.One Love

  15. Pls i need smartserialmail license key,anybody please help

    1. xMutexX


      Hoy Jolibee. Hahaha. :D

    2. Manofavour


      What do u mean dude ?

    3. xMutexX


      Oh excuse me. Didn't know you where from Nigeria. I thought you where from Philippines because of your Picture. :-