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  1. happy new year boss .. please the open port is no more connecting .. and I really need my slaves now boss pls come on jabber or skype or reply me here .. thanks

  2. in need of micro exploit, doc or exe builder if fud contact me

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    2. famoz


      as u want it

    3. jmethel


      how much

    4. famoz


      send me your skype or icq or jabber we can talk there

  3. how far bro .. my skype dey happy* up come on jabber lets talk

  4. i need india rdp where can i buy such,

    any one please share with me if you know where to buy

  5. i need njrat jomgegar version

  6. i need Syria, Afganistan, iraq number to verify any please

  7. feel like getting this reaper down payeca.com/