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  1. Very Good

  2. hello brother <3

    thanks for fud server me :D:inlove

    linke Server NJ ME : https://www.sendspace.com/file/p8aqjv

    Thanks my bro

    1. warlock


      to startup and registry startup added

  3. 1vdzxio8White @warlock sorry my binder password  ok 

    1. warlock


      thanks my brother <3

  4. hi brother , what unlike  ?


    1. portbinder


      You are not a white hat member to declare it as CLEAN.

      if it is infected then user may download it...

      Be careful..

  5. brother what  no like ?



    1. warlock


      thanks brother <3

    2. korssanDZ


      Sorry bro I press the negative button accidentally,!!!!

    3. warlock


      no problem


      thanks brother <3

  6. Please unbanned lollipop:hopemyfakesmileworksagain

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    2. crazy owns

      crazy owns

      He posted this to a Jomgegar donation thread (5v363GY.png)

      Do you still think he should be unbanned?

    3. crazy owns

      crazy owns

      My opinion is that he definitely shouldn't be unbanned, not just because he was being disrespectful to the community. Simply because his ignorance, not understanding that running a community like this costs money, because of hosting, domain etc, and Jomgegar is using all donations to keep site running for longer.

    4. DustinLehack


      Completely agree!

  7. I added you on skype. Please accept my request.

    1. warlock



      accep brother

  8. Br?

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    2. warlock


      Yes .my job is hard

    3. 3d1rr0ck


      I knew a person with the nickname "warlock" but it was Brazilian thought it might be you. It was just a mess.

    4. warlock


      no my freind heheheh

  9. Hello Brother

    How Are You ?

    thanks for FUD Server NJ

    Linke Download Server NJ : http://upload.apktops.ir/images/5svr9o1938am3dgxf8d.zip


    Thanks Brother <3

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    2. warlock


      ok brother , Sorry <3

    3. White


      @warlock sorry bro 2/35

      Cheak inbox 



    4. warlock


      ok brother <3 , thanks

  10. please i can't save extracted emails from Atomic email hunter 11, any help would be appreciated

  11. Love You @korssanDZ


    Thanks my brother for Tapik Good <3

    1. korssanDZ


      your welcome :)

    2. warlock


      Thanks my brother:D