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  1. please i wish to know , do where we upload stub help in making them detected by AV fast? cos i notice that after spreading my stub  link my stub dosent last a day with FUD. It becomes detected 

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    2. kingsbig2001
    3. fazbar


      I'll post a few files for you when I renew my membership.. as long as you have kept your file small. It doesnt take long to use up 5gb 


    4. panta


      Ok thanks so much will be looking and hoping on you

  2. Hey lolipop, I cant get nanocore working.. I bought it two years ago, for about 3 months it was fine, but now is one rat I cant get working for me and its twisting my melon lol

    Can you give any pointers?


    1. Lollipop


      when testing a newly built server without anything can you get any connection?

    2. fazbar


      nope.. Ive tried with startup and without, I crypt with kazy then deepsea and finally codefort or smart assembly.

      Kazy without startup:- I inject into itself, add start up, add 30 seconds. ... crypt (the same way I crypt NJ) and then obfuscate


    3. Lollipop


      don't crypt first, test if it's working