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  • Bio Hello guys, ask me everything, i am here to help! FOR FREE, never charge a penny.

    Highly experienced:
    - RAT setup
    - RAT Spread (worms, ewhore, torrent, youtube, and lots of other methods)
    - RAT portforward
    - Encryption process (ANY CRYPTER) have 3 lifetime licenses
    - RE-FUD process (any obsfucator - with private obsfucation methods)

    Medium experience:
    - Coding VB.NET, C#, C++ object programing
    - Website Design, Injections, Penetrations

    and some more :D
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  1. Removed your warning log - no restriction should be in put

  2. Hello everyone, 

    I want to start new project, for more information check this post 


  3. @all guys, sorry that i am inactive, lightning struck to my house earlier all my projects and electronics are fried... please be patient, ill get back soon :)

    1. Vroya


      Sorry for your loss bruh, hope you able to restore your pc again soon :P

      Btw why don't your house using lightning conductor?

    2. lordpro


      i was on vocation at my grandparents, unexpected surge fried all my electronics, no data could be retrived :/ happy* that cause i had so many personal collections there :/ so i have to start again

    3. korssanDZ


      very sad to hear that....

  4. hi lordpro can you ... can you help me . hot to encrypt someones data njrat ...

  5. Boss please i really need your help .i want you to crypt my Njrat server for me,i beg you in the name of God please PM me when you read my message.Thanks i wait

    1. lordpro


      add me on skype g.steam - i can do one crypt for u :)

    2. Manofavour


      i just added you boss,bruceson on skype. Thanks so much boss

  6. Want some test installs - ill share private crypter in return :)

    1. Vroya


      Wut private install?

    2. lordpro


      if you have some bots 10 - i would have them and i will give u native private crypter :)

    3. Vroya


      Sorry for late reply...i can give that but they not always online... skype / pm?

  7. Hello bro, pls can you crypt my server with Doc exploit.



  8. OMG, i am not ignorin anyone on skype............. if you have 25 people talkin to you at the same time, i just dont have 2 hours just to chat with every one of you for 10 minutes, dont get mad

  9. GUYS i recive 15 contacts on skype / day  - wait few days i am off my laptop and pc

  10. can I get your assistance for a minute broda

  11. si z CZ ?

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Lama1984


      no to jo a jeste tady::D

    3. lordpro


      tak teraz je to uz privatne forum :) a bude sa sustredovať na kvalitu nie kvantitu

    4. Lama1984


      je to tady bezva chodim jenom sem

  12. Anyone slaves Exchange? - PM

  13. what i did why you gives me waring?

    1. LpcGang


      sorry mis understanding


    2. lordpro


      no warning was issued against you u2FA6c2.png

    3. LpcGang


      sorry for mis understanding

  14. Hi Bro

    Have You Stealer Bitcoin Or Can Make?

    I download so Tools But All Is Trojan :(

    Please Pm Me

    1. lordpro


      none of my tools are backdoored, use sandbox if u dont trust, but fisrt of all, learn some stuff before you start posting thanks :)

    2. Bimokh


      no bro i dont tell your  tools are backdoored

      i say have good stealer for bitcoin ?

      For example, if the target’s address is like this:
      Yours will be like this:


      And mistake sent to my wallet

      thank you

    3. lordpro


      aaw, i miss understood, nope i am not using any wallet stealers, and 90% of public "stealers" are backdoored

  15. need some help with coding vb.net simple one, please PM :)