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  • Bio Hello guys, ask me everything, i am here to help! FOR FREE, never charge a penny.

    Highly experienced:
    - RAT setup
    - RAT Spread (worms, ewhore, torrent, youtube, and lots of other methods)
    - RAT portforward
    - Encryption process (ANY CRYPTER) have 3 lifetime licenses
    - RE-FUD process (any obsfucator - with private obsfucation methods)

    Medium experience:
    - Coding VB.NET, C#, C++ object programing
    - Website Design, Injections, Penetrations

    and some more :D
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  1. what i did why you gives me waring?

    1. LpcGang


      sorry mis understanding


    2. lordpro


      no warning was issued against you u2FA6c2.png

    3. LpcGang


      sorry for mis understanding