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  1. Someone have a mass Offset patcher for malware modding?

    Example: patch 200 offsets with null bytes at once.

    1. Opportune


      No replies but I found a solution for it, it's a tool and it's great for modding!
      Refer to 

      It have a GUI interface, just select the malware and your cp5 file (which contains the offsets to patch). cp5 file usage:
      0x1709 20

      Explanation: Targeted offset to patch Byte value to set

      Hope it's useful to you guys, it's saving a lot of work to me ;)

    2. D357r0y3r


      Did u test with this one: Indetectables Offset Locator 2.6 ? 


    3. Opportune


      Offset locators are used for Av-Kill/DSplit/etc methods, to find and patch the offsets... But this for only 1 offset a time. In my case I already discovered the offsets to patch, I just was searching for a tool to patch all of them instead one by one in Hex editor. This tool can patch a list of offsets a time, that's what I was looking for.