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  1. Hey..please clear your inbox...

  2. hello bro is the  The Old Phantom  crypter out i do really need it.



    1. DELIJA


      Yes bro we're still running. :)

      send me a PM.

    2. zetaboy


      how to get it?

  3. how much is full crypter?

    1. DELIJA


      check your Pm... :)


  4. Disconnect / 52210  EOFException: null 3:44:21 AM


    Connect / 52210    3:44:21 AM


    bro after victim clicking on the server, trying to connect back to me it was showing this error on log i dont know if there are some files missing put me through on this.

  5. Hello sir, um do you have any vb.net ransomware souce codes? If you don't mind leaking it here for me :)

    1. DELIJA


      i don't have currently source for .net ransomware, but if i find him somewhere on other forums or sites, i will let you know.. don't worry.

    2. ikswaydzii


      okay, thanks. really appreciate it

  6. Yes brother i'm interested in learning this expolit method, MANY THANKS FOR GETTING BACK TO ME

  7. Hi DELIJA 

    pls :) :inlove

    Do you have Wolf Rat New version 

    1. DELIJA


      i only have v2.1 version, the newer version does not exist...  as far as i know?


  8. This new forum look is much much better than the old one, i like it... :)

    Nice work guys! ;)