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  1. Life Going in a Fast Lane. :)

    1. secretsquirell


      indeed, lets go for a ride broda

    2. sameed


      And we're on bicycle any  Bugatti will crush us :p

  2. some one need your help is a friend plz take care of him  secretsquirell , i know he is a bit crazy but a good man.


    already thanks. :)

    1. portbinder


      ok but what type of help?

    2. secretsquirell


      lol me not crazy, well maybe a tad bit

    3. korssanDZ


      he will provid you more details in PM....already thxx

  3. Anyone got clean version of Pony 2.0 with english panel?

  4. Sameed Can you create a web traffic sniffer on vb.net? which uses fiddlers dll to break on request and we can edit that request and change the response...

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. portbinder
    3. lordpro


      cant focus on codin right now - exams in progress guys

    4. korssanDZ


      for now impossible cause of some problemes in real life.........sorry must wait, will back as soon as possible :-

  5. How did you unpack this?



    its obfuscated with babel...

    plz help

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. portbinder


      btw, thanks for the unpack. I was able to crack it ;)

    3. sameed


      Try on different PC or re-new your windows :) No problem brother... Always looking forward to your quality cracks


    4. owen


      @portbinder please can you share the crack http://www.lantechsoft.com/web-email-extractor.html i tried bit did not work for me. Also Atomic email hunter but did not save email.

  6. hi brother , what unlike  ?


    1. portbinder


      You are not a white hat member to declare it as CLEAN.

      if it is infected then user may download it...

      Be careful..

  7. why is @lollipop banned?

    1. nillyhan


      This is the link of his comment on a thread that got him banned



    2. RustyClown23


      He is\was a retard.

  8. Anyone who have working Instagram Follower and Liker Bot. :)

    1. Noyes


      i will ping you if have any update

  9. Hello bro, where have you been all these while. Hope you are good though.

  10. @nillyhan It Will take time to setup my vmware lab again. If you can't wait. the pm me so i can show you how to do it via teamviewer...

    1. jmethel


      hello, i need your help on silent exploit,

      doc or any one