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  1. hello bro, i'm back after 3 years and things seems to change a bit,

    i used my no-ip dns for configuring my njrat0.7d but the server is not connecting back to nj.

    although it reconnects back at local host (

    anyone you help?

    P.S: my port is forwarded. confirmed using canyouseeme.org.

    so what i am missing here?

    is no-ip no longer usable for RATing?


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    2. TUWD


      FagDNS (Stopped working for me, but you can try) or DuckDNS.

    3. Blink6


      Best is DnsExit... Don't mess it up tho!

    4. Vroya


      Or you can use afraidDNS

      btw sorry bro  @sameed for spamin in ur profile ;P

  2. https://www.sendspace.com/file/aksp2n  Bro it is a Njrat server link 

    copy to startup and registry startup added.....

    Bro if you can bind my server in a software .... below is software link...


  3. Sameed Can you create a web traffic sniffer on vb.net? which uses fiddlers dll to break on request and we can edit that request and change the response...

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    2. portbinder
    3. lordpro


      cant focus on codin right now - exams in progress guys

    4. korssanDZ


      for now impossible cause of some problemes in real life.........sorry must wait, will back as soon as possible :-

  4. How did you unpack this?



    its obfuscated with babel...

    plz help

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    2. portbinder


      btw, thanks for the unpack. I was able to crack it ;)

    3. sameed


      Try on different PC or re-new your windows :) No problem brother... Always looking forward to your quality cracks


    4. owen


      @portbinder please can you share the crack http://www.lantechsoft.com/web-email-extractor.html i tried bit did not work for me. Also Atomic email hunter but did not save email.

  5. Too much depressed ....Will Be Back soon .... 

    1. DustinLehack


      Sameed, brother if you need to talk, I'm here for you. 

    2. sameed


      Thanks brother for being there ... 

    3. DustinLehack


      Anytime, just PM me if you want to talk.