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  1. Hi all , would like to ask regarding android hacking. I have a lenovo k80m which is not rooted. I have access to the phone. I would like to hack it, listenng to surrounding, read whatsapp, pictures and video and such. I bought thetruthspy, but tilk now it doesnt capturre the whatsapp like it mentiined, and other things. Guess it only works in rooted phone. For an in rooted phone. Which woukd b the best , and would be stable for long term hacking.?

  2. just wondering , thetruthspy or spynote 4 ? which is better? free vs paid . anyone using thetruthspy?

  3. wanted to ask, which RAT allows me to view website (hidden) in the victims computer ? i meant lets say victim is watching youtube and i open another website , but the victim can see it . the victim will only see the youtube in the google chrome.

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    2. Unknown88


      ok thanks bro ., will check it out :)

    3. Unknown88


      regarding plasma , i built the server  the DNS and port was correct, i even checked the port that it was listening matches the port in server. was correct, i used 1604. but when i run the server in sandbox to test it , it was running , but didnt appear in the plasma. i even checked canyouseeme , the port was ok. not sure whats the problem ? any suggestion ?

    4. DustinLehack


      Make sure you're using Plasma 1.7 and upload to a few bots to test

  4. any NVPN user here ? need to ask something ....

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    2. Rockalber
    3. Unknown88


      oh, small problem, but was ok after that . i tried download the "config" file from the website, but somehow i downloaded another user's file. but i used my login to enter the website. not sure hw it occured. even my vpn country was different. then only i noticed , it wasnt mine. so weird. but it was ok after i tried to login back again. :dizzy

    4. Rockalber


      Okay Enjoy!!!